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Aria Solutions Warranty


3-year limited warranty on product parts (excluding the screen mesh-speed reducer and their components) as well as a 12-month labor warranty.

This warranty is in effect from the date of the original purchase provided that the product has been installed in accordance with the product installation instructions using generally accepted trade practices and routinely serviced. Routine service would include keeping the guide rails and screen mechanism free of dirt, sand, or debris.

This warranty only applies to standard sized products provided by Aria Solutions Inc.

Products outside of our maximum dimensions are not covered. The warranty does not cover damages to the product caused by improper operation, storage, cleaning, intentional human acts, negligence or acts of God. In addition, this warranty does not apply to any Aria solutions products used in commercial applications or that have been repaired or altered without the company’s expressed consent.


Damage to the screen mesh, speed reducer and their components, tensioning cords and or channels caused by deliberate or accidental misuse, abuse or neglect, damage caused by humans or pets accidentally running or walking into the screen when in use is also not covered.

Labor is included for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase provided an authorized Aria Solutions dealer or company-trained representative installed product.

Any labor required after the twelve months will be charged for accordingly. The screen mesh material is not covered in this warranty.

This warranty represents Aria Solutions Inc entire liability and the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in lieu of all others. Liability for any damages, including but not limited to general, special, indirect, incidental, consequential, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages and economic loss, as well as breach of any expressed or implied warranties of merchantability, quality and fitness for any purpose other than as expressly stated herein is disclaimed and excluded to the extent such disclaimers and exclusions are permitted by law.